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Buccaneers Athletic Club


Basketball Directors

CommissionerPaul Hiltonph21122
Clinic DirectorKevin Howardhowardk
Intramural DirectorRich Piccolipiccoli_richard
County DirectorEd Nalleycoach.32ed
Gym SchedulerFred Engelfrengel

We are all volunteers. Please contact Paul or any of the other directors with your ideas, or to find out where you can help.

2017-2018 Calendar

  • Mon Oct 23 to Fri Nov 3 - County Tryouts
  • Wed Nov 6 to Tue Nov 8 - Intramural Evaluations
  • Mon Nov 13 - Practices begin
  • Mon Nov 20 to Fri Nov 24 - Thanksgiving break - NO PRACTICES
  • Mon Nov 27 - Practices resume
  • Sat Dec ?? - Games begin for County
  • Sat Dec 9 - Games begin for Clinic & Intramural
  • Sat Dec 23 to Mon Jan 1- Winter break - NO PRACTICES
  • Tue Jan 2 - Practices resume
  • Mon Jan 15 - MLK Birthday - NO PRACTICES
  • Sun Jan 28 - Team Picture Day
  • Sun Feb 4 - Weather date for Team Picture Day
  • Sat Feb 10 - Regular season games end, except for Coed 6U
  • Sun Feb 11 - Bucs Madness Tournament begins
  • Mon Feb 19 - GW Birthday - NO PRACTICES
  • Sat Feb 24 - Championship weekend

Team Picture Schedule

The team pictures will be taken on Sunday January 28, 2018.  Weather date is Sun 2/4.

Rules and Game Schedules


SCHEDULES - these links below are updated as postponements and makeups scheduled. If you are asked by your mobile device, open these links in your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), and NOT with Google Sheets.

Note - for County rules and schedules, see the Rec & Parks website.

Weather Cancellation Policy - IMPORTANT!

Our permits are from Rec and Parks, not the schools.  Although school closings may influence Rec and Parks decisions, you should NOT use school text alerts or the aacps website.

Go to, look for the Cancellation Notice page link, and then sign up for Rec and Parks alers (texts and/or emails).

Teams and Coaches

All head coaches and assistant coaches - anyone who helps on the court or on the bench - must have a  background check completed. Select Coaches Corner on the top menu for more information.

If you are interested in coaching a team, please contact the Clinic, Intramural, or County director.

Clinic Teams
Intramural Teams
County Teams
Coed 6U-1 - Thomas Blake Boys 10U-1 - Mike Baker Boys 9UA - Paul Hiton
Coed 6U-2 - Scott Heitzman Boys 10U-2 - Chad Jones Boys 9UB - George Lawrence
Coed 6U-3 - Ed Nalley Boys 10U-3 - Dan Summers Boys 10UA - Dave Fish
Coed 6U-4 - Steve Hayes Boys 10U-4 - Ernie Woods Boys 10UB - Danny Herron
Boys 8U-1 - Matt Diluca Boys 10U-5 - Missy Murphy Boys 10UC - Rich Piccoli
Boys 8U-2 - John Frazier Boys 12U-1 - Carter Rigsbee Boys 11U - Scott Williams
Boys 8U-3 - Andrews Brooks Boys 12U-2 - Mark Blackmre Boys 12UA - Josh Mills
Boys 8U-4 - Cliff Balsarick Boys 12U-3 - Aaron Noriega Boys 12UB - Dave Fish
Boys 8U-5 - Chad Jones Boys 15U-1 - Rich Piccoli Boys 13UA - Dale Bowers
Boys 8U-6 - Wayne Bessling Boys 15U-2 - John Frazier Boys 13UB - Mark Sutton
Girls 8U-1 - Jennifer Bossom Boys 15U-3 - Matt Sweeney Boys 13UC - John Brown
Girls 8U-2 - Brian Rodgers Boys 15U-4 - Tim Edwards Girls 10U - Steve Hayes

Boys 15U-5 - Winnie Shriver Girls 11U - Kim Watkins

Boys 15U-6 - Warren Poole Girls 13UA - Ed Nalley

Girls 10U-1 - Kevin Howard Girls 13UB - Scott Williams

Girls 10U-2 - John McGinty

Girls 13U-1 - Nick Kratsas

Tryouts and Evaluations

COUNTY TRYOUTS - All players interested in trying out for a County team MUST attend the tryouts.

  • Contact Ed Nalley if you cannot make one.
  • Please note that all players who make a County team are required to purchase a County uniform, or they can re-use one from the last 3 years.  This uniform style is projected to be used through about 2018-2019.

CLINIC / INTRAMURAL EVALUATIONS - All players for Clinic 8U and all Intramural divisions MUST attend the player evaluation, or they will be randomly assigned to teams by the Commissioner.

  • If you cannot make it, contact Paul Hilton
  • Clinic and Intramural jerseys are included as part of the registration fee.

Basketball Ghosts

County Champions

2016-17Boys 13U (tie) - Tom Wheeler
2015-16Boys 13U - Josh Mullins
2014-15Boys 8U - Scott Williams
Boys 13U - Ed Nalley
2012-13Boys 13U - Dave Degreenia
2011 SpringGirls 12U - Fred Engel
2010-11Boys 12U - Jim Cassidy
Girls 10U - Jim Cinotti
Girls 12U - Fred Engel
2010 SpringGirls 12U - Fred Engel
2007 December
Girls 13U - Tonya Hill
2007 Harundale
Boys 13U - Dave Degreenia
2006-07Boys 13U - Dave Degreenia
Girls 12U - Walt Lucke
2005-06Boys 12U - Dave Degreenia
2004-05Girls 10U - Fred Engel

Clinic & Intramural Champions

Bucs Madness Tournament Brackets

 2016-17Boys 8U - George Lawrence
Boys 12U - Carter Rigsbee
Boys 15U - Christian Johnson
2015-16Boys 8U - Danny Herron
Boys 12U - Rich Piccoli
Boys 15U - Christian Johnson
Girls 13U - Joe Green
2014-15Boys 8U - Kevin Howard
Boys 12U - Dale Bowers
Boys 15U - Pat Peck
Girls 13U - Tony Valinotti
2013-14Boys 8U - Scott Williams
Boys 12U - Dan Barnhart
Boys 15U - Mike Edmonds
Girls 10U- Gwen Gilliard
2012-13Boys 8U - Sven Steinberg
Boys 10U - Tom Bedell
Boys 12U - Tom Bedell
2011-12Boys 10U - Woody Hood
Boys 12U - John Brown
2010-11Boys 12U - Jim Curtain
Boys 17U - Dan Markley
2009-10Boys 10U - Barber
Boys 12U - Cinotti
Boys 17U - Luis Rivera
Girls 10U - Joe Klug
2008-09Boys 8U - Marty Klebe
Boys 10U - Scott Williams
Boys 13U - Luis Rivera
Boys 17U - Dave Degreenia
Girls 14U - Dave Hankins
2007-08Boys 7U- Ed Johnson
Boys 9U - Whittington
Boys 11U - Cinotti
Boys 13U - Todd Nickelson
Boys 15U - Edmiston
Girls 13U - Weezer Allen
2006-07Boys 7U - Todd Nickelson
Boys 11U - Todd Nickelson
Boys 13U - Marty Klebe
Boys 15U - Gerry Donohue
Girls 8U - Sweers
Girls 11U - Rob Alder
Girls 14U - Prager