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Sunset Park

8570 Ft. Smallwood Rd Pasadena Maryland United States 21122

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Tick Neck Park

Ft. Smallwood Rd Pasadena Maryland United States 21122

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Our program is dedicated to teaching the game of girl’s lacrosse in a positive and safe environment, for players in the Pasadena community from Pre-K through 8th grade.  This is accomplished by an experienced coaching staff focusing on fundamentals of the game while promoting teamwork and sportsmanship.
Commissioner:  Josh Creekmore [email protected]


Registration will be open from December 21st through March 1st.  If you are attempting to sign up after these dates please email at [email protected].  Player registration cost covers the expenses incurred while running the program and include but are not limited to county & referee fees, coaches equipment, balls, field maintenance and tournament fees. We are one of few programs that support multiple tournaments on Pee-Wee, Middie & Junior levels. Players get to keep their uniforms after the season is over.


•        Sticklettes – Begin practicing in late March with games starting in May.
•        Pee-Wees – Begin practicing in March with games starting the week of March 24th.
•        Middies & Juniors – Player evaluations are held the end of February; Begin practicing in March with games starting the week of March 23rd.


Sticklettes – Pre K to 2nd Grade

Our Sticklette program is open to children in pre-K through 2nd grade. They practice on the fields at Sunset Park usually twice a week for 60-90 minutes each during the month of April.  In May, Sticklette teams no longer practice but will play 8 games over a four week period on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Games may be played at home or at any designated Sticklette field within Anne Arundel County. Games are officiated by the coaches with (2) 20-minute halves. The format is 6v6 on a 50-yard field (midline is the restraining line) with 2 defenders, 2 midfielders and 2 attackers. Two players must stay behind the restraining line at all times.  No goalie or shooting net is used.  All free positions are indirect and there must be at least one pass made after any whistle before a shot may be taken. Checking is not allowed nor is double teaming. No score is kept at this level as the emphasis is on learning the fundamentals of the game and having fun.

Pee Wee – 3rd & 4th Grade

The Pee Wee age group is for girls in 3rd and 4th grades. The format is 8v8 on a 50-yard field with 7 field players plus a goalie. Field player setup is 2 defenders, 3 midfielders and 2 attackers. Draws are used to start the game and to restart after every goal. The rules are similar to Sticklettes. Three-Seconds in the 8m is not called but Shooting Space is definitely enforced to keep the girls safe. Teams generally practice twice per week on the fields at Tick Neck Park. Games are officiated by referees that have been trained and certified. No checking or double teaming is allowed. The “3-Seconds Closely Guarded” rule is enforced (see below). All teams will be scheduled 12 games that will consist of (2) 20-minute halves each. No score is kept as the emphasis is on learning the fundamentals of the game and not on winning. The county guarantees a minimum of 9 games so weather related cancellations will only be rescheduled if your team falls below the 9 game minimum.

Middies – 5th & 6th Grade 

The Middie age group is for girls in 5th and 6th grades. They play on a full 100-yard field with 11 field players and 1 goalie. Rec & Parks requires that teams are designated as A, B, or C level. Only 7 offensive players are allowed over the restraining line at any time. Games are played with (2) 25-minute halves and an 8-minute halftime. Modified checking (the entire stick of the ball carrier must be below her shoulder) is allowed. The “3-Seconds Closely Guarded” rule is enforced (see below).  Score is kept and reported to the county. Teams will practice twice per week for 1 ½ to 2 hours on the fields at Tick Neck Park. Twelve regulation games will be scheduled with an 8 game minimum guaranteed by the county.

Juniors – 7th & 8th Grade

The Junior level age group is for girls in 7th and 8th grades and is played by high school rules in a more competitive environment.  Full checking is permitted but carefully regulated by the officials for the safety of the players. Teams will practice on fields at Tick Neck Park two times per week. Score is kept and reported to the county. Games are played almost exclusively on high school turf fields within the county. Ten games will be scheduled and will consist of (2) 25-minute halves with an 8-minute halftime. Playoffs will determine the Junior A, B and C championship teams.
We hold evaluations at the end of February on turf fields, for the MIDDIES and JUNIORS divisions only so they may be placed on A, B or C level teams determined by the coaches.  Lacrosse must take priority over any out-of-season sport such as spring soccer or basketball.

***  Evaluations for the Spring 2018 season are to be announced ***

Players should arrive 15 minutes prior to evaluations to sign-in.  Please note the following requirements for evaluations:

*  Players must be registered to participate in evaluations.

*  Players must be dressed appropriately (no shorts or short sleeve shirts).

*  Players must have the following equipment:  lacrosse stick, goggles, mouth guard (must be colored with no exposed design), cleats, and water (sports drinks and colored beverages are not permitted on the turf field).


Please bring the following required equipment to each practice and game:

Girls Lacrosse Stick, Colored Mouth Guard, Cleats, Goggles, and Water