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Welcome to BUCS Wrestling,

Thank you for your interest in our program. Our program is for children in Pre-K through the 8th grade and is designed to teach the fundamentals of wrestling, while instilling discipline, self-confidence,  and determination in a safe and fun environment. 

The Benefits of Wrestling:

Any one can wrestle - regardless of body type, height or weight, there is a place for you in wrestling. In some sports only certain body types are able to succeed. Not so in wrestling as long as you are (mentally) tough and have a desire to win and do your best.

Wrestling teams rarely cut their athletes for lack of skill or talent.

Wrestling promotes personal growth and development by reinforcing positive personality traits and characteristics. In particular, it embraces and teaches an array of life lessons that may not be as strongly promoted in other sports.

Wrestling increases self-confidence. When you wrestle you can’t rely on anyone but yourself. You have to be accountable for your successes and failures. Without confidence and a positive attitude, there will be no success. This confidence and positive attitude is gained on and off the wrestling mats.

Wrestling instills discipline. The intensity of wrestling practices requires discipline; often sacrificing time spent playing with friends or other activities. Sometimes doing things that aren’t that “fun” such as practicing can pay off in reaching goals.

Wrestling builds mental toughness. It takes a tremendous amount of toughness to pick yourself up off the mat after losing a match or being pinned, shaking your opponents hand, and walking off the mat in front of dozens of spectators.

Wrestling builds mental acuity. Wrestling requires 75% mental acuity and 25% physical strength. Much like the game of chess opponents must out think each other using offensive and defensive strategies and moves. Remembering moves learned and applying them at the appropriate times during a match requires razor sharp decision-making skills. These quick thinking skills can be useful off the mat in many other situations.

Wrestling promotes sportsmanship. Opponents are always required to shake hands before and after the match. It is common to see opponents become friends after the match. Matches often end with embraces and sometimes the loser will even raise the winner’s hand!

Wrestling promotes competitiveness. Even the mildest mannered noncompetitive child can find their competitive side in the sport. To succeed in competition, you need to train harder than your opponent. You need to want it more. Children often discover their inner competitive spirit as they become increasingly engaged in the sport. Thank you to for the info

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